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Wellness & Self-Connection
in Costa Rica

Restore Inner Balance - Live more like Horses

When we are in harmony with ourselves,

we feel better


Horses and the natural world LIVE IN THIS STATE, seamlessly balancing energy & peace


We can learn it too...


Backed by science, psychology and client testimonials, Tula Vida’s unique approach to mindfulness and self-discovery is deeply experiential and engages all of your senses.

Horses are true zen masters.



Sometimes the greatest wisdom comes from animals, who see the world more simply and purely. Horses know that wellness starts with finding balance – but first we have to tune-in and see what’s going on in our inner world (self-discovery & self-connection).

You are in the right place.

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Connecting deeply with the horse herd and natural world, removed from reminders of technology & daily life, the busy brain can quiet and the mind-body-spirit system gets noticed. Exploring & experiencing a sense of wellness & balance allows recalibration - & discovery of tools to bring it back.

Balance and wellness begin with Self-Connection. 



With a flexible & resilient system, we can handle life stress & still re-find balance, let sleep, digestion & cell renewal do their work (“rest and digest”). But our nervous systems get stuck on “go” (fight/flight), constantly in survival mode, not able to relax or heal. The good news: you can learn how to change it! And horses, with incredibly sophisticated nervous systems, can help. 


1 hour with horses is like a month in a classroom!



Just like horses, when we feel safe, supported and part of a herd then a sense of wellbeing, positive energy & balance come easily. Add lush, vibrant green volcanos & valleys to constantly energise you, life-giving fresh air, clear water, warm sunlight & grounding earth.

Feel better just by being here.

"The Physician treats, but Nature heals."   Hippocrates

Tula Vida Horses are Wise, Generous and Compassionate Guides

No prior horse experience needed.

Just bring your curiosity and prepare to feel better than you have in a long time!

What Is Included

Nervous-System Training

Scientific studies prove nature & horses support nervous system regulation


in Nature

Coaching & reflections. Nature is the best classroom

Tula Vida Ranch Accommodation

Stunning location, beautiful rooms, peaceful retreat

Transformational Horse Experiences

Balance & Wellness secrets from those who truly live it



Movement & gentle flow to rebalance everything

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Delicious home-cooked meals made with love to nourish & restore


Tools & Practices

Tune-in to what works best for you & create your own toolkit

Restorative Massage

Soothe out the tension & let the energy flow through your body again

Magical Sunset Scenes

Watch the sun paint the sky as it sets over 3 volcanos in the valley

Our mission is to provide a deeper connection with self, through horses, nature and experience.



Sally Nilsson and Eric Kolesar are experts in self-discovery, cultivating presence and practicing mindfulness with the magic of horses, nature and experience as teachers.

From their vibrant, enchanting corner of Costa Rica and with a wise herd of rescue horses, they offer the practices, tools and support you are looking for to find a deeper connection with yourself, which is where balance & wellness all starts…


What is a Horse Experience?

Imagine standing in a valley, surrounded by green fields, with a horse in the distance.


You start to approach and the horse looks up, very aware of your presence. He starts to move towards you and your heart starts to race with fear, thoughts clouding your brain – the horse immediately stops. It seems like he knows what’s going on with you even before you do. You start to trust him.


With support from Eric and Sally, you continue your approach but this time more mindfully and staying really present, pausing each time any fear or thoughts come up. It seems like the horse is sending you calming signals, welcoming your approach.


You feel a sense of peace spread through you, with a hint of excitement. Better than you have felt in a long time. At the moment of connection it feels like everything falls into place somehow.


You know you are exactly where you’re meant to be. It is something you will remember for a long time.


What Happens
on Wellness and Self-Connection Retreats?

What We Do:

In simple terms, we facilitate insightful experiences where you will be out in nature, with a horse or horses, either as a group or individually, exploring how to tap into your body wisdom and intuition, to regulate your nervous system, to find and maintain a state of true presence or flow, and to develop a deeper connection with yourself. 

Why it is Powerful: 

The horse experience shared above teaches us things that books, talks and even human interactions cannot, which is why it is hard to describe in words. Together we look at the world through the horses’ eyes to see, learn and feel this kind of mindfulness and nervous system co-regulation.

It stays with us at a deeper level than just the brain, as the body doesn’t forget – and once you have felt something, you know what you are looking to recreate when you go home.


Horses are incredibly sensitive to our emotions, to how present we are and to our whole state of being. They communicate with non-verbal language, energy and presence – and actually so do humans (90% of our communication is non-verbal). As herd members, they actively seek a state of balance and wellness in each herd member, as then the whole herd is safer & more connected. 


You can read a lot more about how horses can help us on the WHY HORSES page on our website. Where else can you go to become aware of your senses, find a sense of balance and practice at this level?  

Tula Vida Horses

We also have a 501c3 charity registered in the US - all of our rescue horses came from difficult situations or backgrounds and yet are now offering their unique gifts, deep wisdom, support and encouragement to us humans as we each navigate our own path. So by attending this retreat you are not only supporting yourself, you are supporting these rescue horses & the mission of Tula Vida Foundation.

We Listen to You:

Our schedule is flexible depending on the needs and focus of each group, but we will be working/playing with horses and/or out in nature and will often include mindful movement or yoga into the schedule.


Food for Mind, Body and Soul:

We pay attention to the whole system, so it’s not just horses that support you. Tula Vida Ranch is 100% off-the-grid so the essentials come straight from source. Our rooms are designed as a retreat from the wilds of nature - calming, comfortable spaces where you can relax and rest well as you process your insights and connect deeper with yourself. Meals are healthy, delicious and made with love so your whole body feels nourished along the way. The ranch is surrounded by 3 volcanos and you can watch the sun sink down over the valley. Your senses all come alive here.


What you Take Home:

You will learn tools, practices and exercises carefully designed to allow you to access your own internal wisdom and learn to regulate and co-regulate nervous systems based on Polyvagal principles (the idea that feeling safe and connected is the key starting point for everything). Once you have experienced & explored the felt-sense of what you are looking for, you can use these tools to re-find it when you get home.


That’s not all…

The horses live in the valleys all around us and there are miles of beautiful trails, abundant with wildlife, so even in-between facilitated sessions you have more opportunities for your own mindfulness and self-discovery adventures.

Some of our retreats also include other offsite excursions such as soaking in natural hot springs, paddleboarding, visiting a 500-year old Avatar tree or horseback-riding.

Join us for a life-changing week of wellness, balance & connection, where nature, horses and experience will open your eyes to a whole new way of being.


“My experience at Tula Vida has been mind-blowing, healing and very connecting to my inner self.  


The work with the horses is more powerful than I ever imagined. The work and space here is so grounding which makes the connection to the self so impactful." 





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“Horses embody the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.

Experience is the best teacher.

Combine the two and magic happens.”