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Why Horses?

Tula Vida self-discovery retreats involve guided interaction with horses, one by one and in groups, with activities designed to welcome you into the sensory world with your horse, to learn and process your horse’s communication with you, and to experience an environment where “being” is more powerful than “doing” so you can tune in to your natural self with all its untapped potential.

No horse experience is necessary, just curiosity and desire to know more about yourself.  Imagine what you can discover, create and accomplish here!

How can interaction with horses teach and support us?

It’s experiential, powerful, rooted in nature, supported by science

and fun!

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“It’s impossible” said Pride

“It’s risky” said Experience

“Give it a try” whispered the Heart

Horses don’t need to “try” to be mindful or present, it is how they live.  They don’t worry about getting things right, they don’t over-analyze, they don’t get stuck in the past or the future, they don’t judge themselves or each other – instead they assess what is right in front of them, react according to what will keep them safe and connected, then go back to grazing.

They are comfortable to be themselves in an ever-changing world

What They Say

“The horses are incredible and Sally and Eric are great teachers who have wonderful insight and wisdom!”

Christy, CEO

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