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Find the Experience you Need

Now more than ever it is essential to find experiences that will restore and re-energise us, to allow time and space to heal from the challenges and re-find our own sense of balance, to explore and harness our new insights or ideas, to support and empower ourselves through the next phase of our own growth or journey.

Let the Experience Find You

Tula Vida horses are wise and experienced teachers of mindfulness, natural balance, energy management and self-discovery.  The vibrant, joyful magic of this corner of Costa Rica enables the natural world to soothe, nourish and restore you as only nature can. 
Join one of our organised retreats (or design your own) to find a supportive, beautiful and fun environment to go a little deeper into healing and self-discovery with transformational results.

Retreats & Trainings

Exploring Connection

14 - 18 January 2024

Imagine feeling connected in your life, world and self.

What would be different?

You get to fully explore & experience the secrets to the connection you are craving in this 5 day, 4 night retreat. Clue: horses, nature & experience are the best teachers as they have it all the time!


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Retreat to Recharge

21 - 26 January 2024

Recharge the battery and get back into balance

Nature, horse connections and gentle self-care in a beautiful place is the ideal way to do it. This classic 6-night Tula Vida retreat offers daily mindful movement, self-discovery horse experiences & practical take-home tools as well as healing massage, natural hot & cold therapies, excursions and more...


Gift of Connection

15 - 19 March 2024

A sense of belonging, safety, trust, fun & more...

There are reasons we seek to feel connected - and in fact, studies show we humans can thrive with these feelings (and feel isolated or stuck without them). Come and find out all about it with us in this insightful, relaxing & empowering retreat.


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Swimming with Horses

19 - 23 March 2024

Back by popular request!

A magical 4 night, 5 day experience riding horses along the stunning Costa Rica Pacific coast, with plenty of time to swim in the ocean and play in the sand with your horse, or share some hammock time as they munch their hay on the beach.  

Limited places so book now!

Decoding Connection

21 - 25 April 2024

Our biology is wired to connect - and the horses can show us how to tune in

We have lost touch with our nervous systems but the horses have not. With principles of neuroscience, polyvagal, mindfulness and more we can dive into practising connection with our experienced, wise herd of master teachers!



Restore & Revitalize

5 - 11 May 2024

Benefits = Peace, Positivity, Balance, Energy…

Stress is a word we use to describe many things but overall, whatever the cause, it doesn’t feel good and is actually toxic for our body systems. A powerful and scientifically proven way to reduce the impact of stress is to be in nature in a mindful way. This retreat, where you interact intentionally with horses in green, vibrant environments, will resettle your nervous system and shift you back into your natural rhythm, plus give you the tools you need to re-create this state for yourself.


Wisdom of Connection

9 - 13 June 2024

Connection is a need, at a foundational level.

Feeling disconnected? Join us and find out why and how to change it...

We have a whole email series (sign up to our mailing list to read it) exploring connection and its often elusive or vague presence in our lives. This retreat is a dive into experiential, embodied practice and learning of all its gifts.


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Practising Connection

4 - 8 August 2024

Where do we get to practice our presence, our energy, how we show up?  With horses!

You would think we would learn something as fundamental as connection in school or as kids. But most of us don’t. We carry on without much in the way of resources, tools, support or even awareness.

But all that changes when you join one of our Connection focused retreats! Head home with a clear sense, tools and ideas of what works for you and how to create more of what you want in your life.


Self-Connection & Compassion

8 - 14 September 2024

What if you are already enough, exactly as you are? Let the horses guide you to feel good about yourself.

The greatest connection that we have, and the foundation for all our other relationships, is our connection with ourselves. In this retreat we will support you to go a little deeper into mindful self-discovery and give your intuition a voice.



Exploring Connection

20 - 24 October 2024

Imagine feeling connected in your life, world and self.

What would be different?

You get to fully explore & experience the secrets to the connection you are craving in this 5 day, 4 night retreat. Clue: horses, nature & experience are the best teachers as they have it all the time!


International Equine Summit

11 - 13 November 2024

In Tucson, Arizona

Join Sally Nilsson, Co-Founder of Tula Vida, and other leading voices in the Equine Experiential Learning field at this annual gathering of horse enthusiasts, experts & professionals.

Join this community for connecting, supporting and enjoying each others' company while sharing new insights and modalities in the field.

International Equine Summit 2016-143.jpg

We are all Connected

1 - 5 December 2024

Reflecting back on the year, what do you want to create more of in 2025? 

Join us for this special year-end retreat focused on creating more of the connections we want in our lives. And it all starts with a connection to yourself.


The Art of Presence

14 & 15 December 2024

Feeling stressed or out of balance? 


In this 2 day "taster" experience, Sally Nilsson, Eric Kolesar and the rest of the Tula Vida horse and human team will introduce you to the world of horse-led self-discovery and support you in rediscovering and reconnecting with yourself to be truly present with what is around you.

International Equine Summit 2016-22.jpg

EFL Apprenticeship

Mod I: 13-22 May 2023

Mod II: 12-20 August 2023

Mod III: 28 Nov-7 Dec 2023


Become a certified Eponaquest / My Horses My Healers
Equine Facilitated Learning Instrucor

This apprenticeship is led by Shelley Rosenberg, renowned horse-woman with over 20 years experience in EFL, one of the original team at Eponaquest with Linda Kohanov and founder of My Horses My Healers sanctuary. It consists of 3 x 8-day modules at Tula Vida in Costa Rica and a final 8 day module with Linda Kohanov in Arizona.  

Fun & Freedom

Dates on request

Come and Play!

Shake off any stagnation, disconnection or struggle with some FUN and feelings of pure FREEDOM. Horses and other animals are masters at this and do it all the time. Vibrant Costa Rica is truly nature’s playground with lots to see, do and experience that is not only enjoyable but also liberating (and healthy) – come and breathe fresh oxygen in wide, open spaces with no responsibilities and rediscover your childlike sense of wonder and joy at playing in the outside world…


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Equine Craniosacral Training

Message to join waiting list

Hands-on, experiential training in bodywork for horses 


Experienced practitioner and teacher, Sidsel Sommer, is a master at both explaining the science and demonstrating / supporting practical application of her energy-based techniques. You will learn how to scan for blocks and direct your hands to the area of greatest restriction on the horse, and then you will learn how to unwind the block and notice the horse’s release and reaction. Not to be missed!

Click here to learn about our Community Events.

Or....Design Your Own Retreat to fit your plans!

2 days


5 days


10 days


1 month


Our mission is to provide a deeper connection with self, through horses, nature and experience.

Switch Off and Switch On Again

Everyone experiences stress or challenge differently and, during this unprecedented period of social isolation, economic change and global health fears, for many it feels like riding an emotional rollercoaster.  This obviously has an impact on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and - just like when a computer starts to freeze or overload – if you consciously “switch off and switch on again” you create a reset for yourself, and go home ready for the next phase.


Sally Nilsson, Eric Kolesar and the Tula Vida horses are offering private retreats for rest, healing and rejuvenation for those affected by the recent COVID-19 and other societal events. 


Come alone or with some of your “social bubble” and, supported by Eric and Sally, let nature and the horses work their magic.

Change your relationship with stress

It is accepted wisdom that being in nature is one of the best ways to calm your nervous system and get out of the survival mode “fight, flight, freeze” reaction we have been experiencing for many months.  When you feel safe, relaxed and connected to nature all your healthy and positive energy can flow.  This is your optimum state for learning - and through experiential activities with the horses and with us, you will find the tools that work for you to keep recreating your own natural balance after you leave.

Recover, Restore and Renew

In these reflective experiences, you will join our extraordinary horses in their home - the vibrant green fields, rivers and rainforest near the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica – and experience becoming part of the herd, tuned in to your own senses, safe and free to be yourself, connected to the great wisdom of Mother Earth for healing, balance and growth.

Let the horses show and teach you how to just “be” rather than doing or thinking.  Take a dive into your own consciousness through the transformative modality of Equine Facilitated Sand Play Therapy and find healing at the deepest levels.  Allow yourself to play in the bubbling, carefree streams.  Cherish and nourish your body with healthy food, gentle movement designed to get your energy flowing, beautiful natural surroundings and healing massage.  Feel held and supported by the natural world.

What They Say

“Working with horses taught me so much about myself, they make excellent teachers.  It was a wonderful and insightful experience.”

Dave, Executive Coach

Create extraordinary shifts within by:

  • Examining your own reactions to equine behaviour, which leads to powerful new insights into your own natural abilities and talents.

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone while feeling accepted and not judged by a large, powerful being, growing your confidence and self-trust.

  • Working with self-reflection and discovery to enhance and promote personal and professional growth.

  • Working deeply with horse activities like:

    • Learning how horses use clear non-verbal communication – and practicing your own

    • Understanding how your own “energy” and vibe impacts others, and learning to modulate it

    • Asking your horse to follow you freely without a lead rope (through energy connections and natural leadership models)

    • Achieving a personal set goal with your horse

    • Practicing setting and responding to effective boundaries, both energetic and physical, and see how this creates mutual trust


(Activities will be mainly on the ground – no need to worry if you don’t have any horse experience!)

Explore our other options...

There are different options here at Tula Vida, tailored to suit your needs. We offer individual, group and family experiences with the horses. Perhaps you are looking to design your own experience, or would love an internship...we can help with that too. Take a look at the options below, and if you don't see what you are looking for just get in touch.


Custom Experiences
& Internships


Design your own experience, our little slice of paradise in Costa Rica is the ideal place to reboot your internal system with whatever it needs.

Image by Caroline Hernandez

Groups & Families

We love families at Tula Vida and offer family experiences so you can unwind, connect and really enjoy your time together.

Share something different and fun with your group of friends or work team.



Need some time to rest or

re-energise - or want to work from abroad - in a beautiful natural setting, surrounded by bird song?


This is the place for you.

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