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Coaching with Sally

Feel like things are good but somehow, something is missing?  

Sometimes feel trapped or stuck, or just not happy enough?

On a self-awareness path already, curious and hungry to grow more – but not sure what to do next or how to keep the momentum?


You are in the right place.  

I believe that self-discovery is a life-long adventure for all of us, leading us to incredibly rewarding places, and I am here to support that path for you.

And the beauty is - you don’t need to know anything, all of the answers are inside you - you just need to learn how to start listening...

I'm Sally...


Work with Me
Online or in person in Costa Rica

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Reading the Compass


Discover your own internal compass & what it has to offer:

5 online coaching sessions

(1 hour each)


Image by Karl Anderson

Finding True North

A deep inner dive to tune-in to yourself & start creating more of what you really want:

10 online coaching sessions

(1 hour each)



Watch Gear

Regular tune-ups


Check-in and re-align coaching session, as often as you want or need - for existing clients only:



$150 per session

In-person Personal Growth Accelerators

Take your growth to the next level with a custom designed in-person coaching retreat in Costa Rica for individuals or groups.  

As well as our Equine Facilitated Learning Retreats & Experiences with the Tula Vida Herd, I offer growth accelerators for personal development and/or leadership. Sessions will be custom designed for you / your group according to unique needs or focus areas and may include:

  • Individual coaching sessions – often out in nature, on a trail, by a river or lake

  • Experiential learning sessions with horses (read more about Why Horses can help)

  • Mindfulness exercises and Movement 

  • Adventure or Nature activities (horse-riding, SUP paddleboarding, SUP yoga, swimming in Lake Arenal, jungle river boat tour, ziplining, hot springs and much more)

Why aren't i happy? i don't even know?

what are the seeds i am wanting to sow?

The Compass

I have been on my own journey of self-discovery for decades now and my main guiding principle was and is curiosity.  No judgement, no good or bad, safe to explore and feel, free to find out and be who I am.  This is the journey.


Mine started while I was still a lawyer in London.  I enjoyed my job and life was good but there was this elusive feeling (which I now know to be intuition) that there was something more out there for me…so I started exploring and found myself working with a coach.

My intention was only to know myself better and create more fulfilment and happiness. I had no idea where it would lead me or what I was looking for.

I can look back at my path and see how logical and connected each step was, but at the time I had absolutely no idea what the next step would be (or even if there would be a next step) or where any of it was leading.  My coach supported me - and still supports me - to keep taking steps using my own inner compass.

Scary?  Yes.  Stepping into the vulnerability and frustration of not knowing the answers, not having control (which we never do anyway but we still keep trying!), not doing what everyone else was doing etc. This was and is a constant practice, each feeling has many lessons to teach.  

Worth it?  Hell, yes! 



So why aren’t we all as happy or as fulfilled as we want to be?


Often we go through the motions in life, following the plan that we set for ourselves as THE path to success and therefore happiness. But this is not aligned with our true inner world.


What you do, how you do it, and why you do it, stem largely from who you think you are.


Your awareness of who "you" really are, as opposed to the you that you believe you “should be” in the world. 


If you raise your awareness or consciousness and get more in touch with your real “you”, you will see how everything else shifts in response offering feelings of purpose, fulfilment and freedom.

And what if it’s easier than you think?  

When you take a deep breath and start diving into who you really are, it is amazing what you will find and the gifts are unimaginable.  

For me, it led to training as a coach myself - and then to coaching with horses in Costa Rica - and it still continues.  


Yours will be unique to you...and it is an adventure waiting for you to go on..

“Working with Sally, I have discovered power and growth within myself that I had been looking for my entire life.”


The Path

The part of my journey that I found the hardest was the lack of direction, map or even signpost.  The internet is a fabulous tool but if you google self-discovery or personal development an exhausting and overwhelming array of options and directions come up.


And how on earth can we know which ones to try?

Learn to trust your own inner sense about what threads to follow and you will experience positive growth on your way. Lean-in to the support offered by people who show up on your radar. You don’t have to do it all.  

And you can’t get it wrong.  It’s your path.  You have your own inner compass.

If you find yourself on this page following a thread, and if what I am saying here resonates, get in touch! 


I am here to support you through the process of tuning in, learning to listen to yourself, giving the real “you” a voice, starting to trust it (rather than letting the confusing or downright unkind hamster wheel of thoughts take over).


It’s an adventure in discovery....and I love going on adventures with people…

Change what you see, See how you change

Freedom and growth are all within range

Leaves&Lizards_River picture-1 copy.jpg

Our Partnership

When we are exploring personal growth together, I play the roles of coach (asking powerful questions to help you gain insights into what is going on for you), teacher (explaining helpful concepts based on science, psychology and other expertise that may deepen your discovery or self-understanding) and supporter (the focus and direction is ALWAYS your agenda, your experience, your feelings, your wisdom and your choices, and my role is simply to support and empower you to become aware of and explore these as much as feels important and/or helpful for you).

I will explain everything as we go too, it is not a mystery, this stuff can be learnt and practised. It’s like learning a new language – at first it feels hard to understand and you’re not sure where to start but, taking it one word at a time, you open up a whole new world for yourself. 

Areas we will explore together:

  • Awareness.  Understand what you want more of and what is getting in the way.

  • Mind-chatter & self-talk.  Start noticing how you talk to yourself and what role your thoughts, feelings and body have to play in what's going on.  Did you know we can even re-wire our own brains?!

  • Nervous system navigation.  Explore what stresses you out, why you react how you do, how to calm yourself down – and choose or change your response to the stressors.

  • Intuition and Drivers.  Discover what motivates you and what your inner wisdom has to say.

“Working with Sally shifted so much for me.

She created a safe and supportive space that allowed me to delve deep into myself and explore things that have been holding me back from living the life I so badly yearned for. Sally helped me generate awareness, and fine tune my values and beliefs which transformed my life. I shed the parts that were holding me back and now feel freer and excited about the future - something I am unfamiliar with but love!

Sally has essentially given me the "secret ingredients" to living a fulfilling life, ones that everyone should be privy to!”

Courtney, Television Director

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