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The Team

We consider both humans and animals to be integral parts of the team.  In fact, the horses are the real facilitators in horse experiences (as you will notice when you do one!), modelling, demonstrating and supporting us to effectively read and influence both ourselves, environment and others around us through fine-tuning our natural senses.

The horses live together as a herd as naturally as possible, grazing all day with space to run, areas to explore and places to rest.  Our interactions are relationship and energy-based, with softness and connection as guiding principles.  Each horse has a voice and lets us know when they need something – it’s possible to understand if

you are listening. The dogs and cat also add their own contributions into experiences.  Each member of the team has a unique personality!



Horses were the golden thread through Sally’s life since childhood, when she spent all her free time at the stables just to be around them. 


Later, with a “sensible job” as a busy corporate lawyer in London, she would escape to de-stress, reconnect and re-energise on horse riding vacations in different countries for a few precious weeks each year - until one day, in Costa Rica, she met a horse named Beauty.



A life-long athlete and martial arts practitioner, Eric was first introduced (unwillingly!) to yoga as a compulsory part of his training. 


However he quickly realised the significant influence of body and breath awareness on not just his body but also his mind and spirit, and it soon became a central guiding influence in his life.  

During his years working as an expert in biofeedback technology, Eric continued to deepen his knowledge and experience of the mind/body/spirit connection by exploring things that he found interesting, fun, powerful and authentic. 

What They Say

“I’m very grateful for the experience, and to meet all the beautiful souls at Tula Vida – human, horses, and the vibrant nature around the farm”

Cara, Lawyer

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