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The Place

Tula means “balance” in Sanskrit and Vida means “Life” in Spanish and at Tula Vida we have the intention of creating a balanced life for the whole team.

Eric and Sally live with Luna, Sita, Fish and Nacho (the dogs and cat) in a little house surrounded by lush and vibrant pasture, where the horses live and roam together as a herd.  We all appreciate the closeness of nature and a simple, balanced lifestyle of peace, positive energy and connection.

The horse experiences take place all around the property: in a bespoke arena, under the shelter of the horse barn, or out in one of the tranquil and beautiful spots that the horses call their home.  We like to go out to meet them in their world to explore the energetic peace and cellular reset which being in nature can create.

We are a few minutes away from a small village is called Sabalito and about 25 minutes from 2 towns, Tilaran and Nuevo Arenal.  We are lucky enough to have Living Forest Retreat Center and Mystica Hotel as our neighbours, where people can stay during horse experiences.

What They Say

"There are endless ways to spend time and work on personal growth in this fast paced, technologically addicted world.  Take this opportunity to grow within a paradise that is the one and only Costa Rica."

Phoebe, Animal Communicator

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