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Design Your
Own Experience

Give yourself the experience you need to restore and revitalize yourself, with your own bespoke blend of nature, tranquillity, adventure, movement, relaxation, well-being and personal growth.

We are all inspired by different things - choose from a mindful menu of experiences each designed to nourish your life-force and re-balance your energy.

Our little slice of paradise in Costa Rica is the ideal place to reboot your internal system with whatever it needs.

design your own experience

Let us know the amount of time you have and what you are looking for, and we can support you to create the experience of your dreams!








You can Design your Experience to include:


  • Self-discovery horse experiences – 1-to-1 personal growth coaching - choose the Theme that resonates with you or pick your own

  • Equine Facilitated Sand Play - we can incorporate this into any retreat

  • Mindful and relationship-based horsemanship sessions – learn how to handle, care for and ride horses in a softer and more connected way

  • Nature guided hikes and experiences, visiting pristine waterfalls or monkey-watching

  • Adventure activities such as paddleboarding, horseback riding, river tubing, ziplining

  • Restorative activities such as yoga, wood-fire sauna, natural hot springs, massage


Below are some ideas of popular custom packages for our horse can mix and match with the above... us for dates and details of what we have going on, or let us help you create the retreat of your dreams just for you/your group....

Reset Yourself

2 Day Intensive
$695pp (min. 2)
  • 2 Full days of content and horse activities (mainly exercises on the ground)

  • Learn and practice tangible take-home tools 

  • Tune into nature - experience the healing and balancing power of the natural world that surrounds you

  • Lunch each day

Choose from one of our Themes below or tell us what you are looking for.  Add in nature, adventure or restorative activities to get the reset you need.

Take a Deeper Dive

5 Day Immersion
  • 5 half days of content and horse activities

  • Learn take-home tools each day and create a plan to take back into daily life

  • Tune into nature - experience the healing and balancing power of the natural world that surrounds you

  • Lunch each day

Choose from one of our Themes below or tell us what you are looking for.  Add in nature, adventure or restorative activities to support your experience.

Journey with Us

10 Day FlexPack

  • 10 half days days of content and horse activities - take a journey with the herd, with processing and integration time built in (enjoy living on "horse time")

  • Spend the afternoons relaxing or exploring the area (we can arrange excursions or nature activities for you)

  • Learn and practise take-home tools each day to create a habit for daily life

  • Tune into nature - experience the healing and balancing power of the natural world that surrounds you

  • Lunch each day

Choose from one of our Themes below or tell us what you are looking for.  Add in nature, adventure or restorative activities to complete your journey.

Immersion Experience

Longer Stays

Want to live the daily Costa Rica life for a longer period, be immersed in nature, be with and learn more about horses, have insightful and empowering experiences and grow yourself in positive ways? 


Come for an immersion experience at Tula Vida for 2 weeks, 1 month or more!


Embrace some of the benefits of COVID-19:

  • Many of us have discovered we can work from anywhere – so why not in a tropical paradise

  • We re-prioritised or focused on what we want more of / less of in our lives – nature, adventure, experience, growth are all waiting for you here

  • We have a keener understanding of the importance of our surroundings, connection with others and self-regulation (being able to calm and energise ourselves in a positive way) – horses and the natural world are great teachers of being present, peaceful and healthy


Stay close-by and be on-site at Tula Vida and the horses for a period every day, while still leaving time for other local excursions, relaxation and/or remote working. 

The immersion experience will be focused on being with horses in a mindful and relationship-based way. You will learn how to handle, care for and ride horses based on principles of softness and connection, where the horse is your partner and friend and experiences together feel good for both of you. 


Get in touch and we can plan it together!

Custom Packages

choose a Theme For Your Experience

Choose from one of our popular Themes below or

let us know what you would like to explore and we

can create something together

Theme 1: Restore & Revitalize

Rediscover your peace, vitality and sense of self. 


Remember what real connection feels like for you.  


What would a reset do for me?

The recent pandemic and related challenges have been a lot for us to handle, a real shock to the system in many different ways, and we don’t automatically know how to process this or get our sense of self back.  Just like a computer, sometimes we have to “switch off and on again” to start working and feeling better!  

Let the vibrant nature surrounding Tula Vida soothe, nourish and restore you.  Start to notice what is going on with your body and internal state through mindfulness and awareness of self – once we start to listen, it is amazing how much inner wisdom we find we already have.  


Once we are aware of what is going on inside us, we can choose consciously how we want to be or what we want to change.  We will explore what we can learn from horses and how to live more like they do, restoring and revitalizing our own energy and rediscovering and trusting our intuition and natural senses.  

  • Connect with horses in their natural environment

  • Practice becoming grounded and present, aware of feelings and accessing intuition

  • Allow yourself to listen to your internal state (rather than just your thoughts)

  • Feel your positive energy flowing and rediscover your sense of purpose

  • Learn tangible tools to support this (such as breathing practice, HeartMath exercises, regulating our nervous system, using emotions as information, reading energy and using it to communicate non-verbally – and much more)

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.”
  Albert Einstein

Theme 2: Presence & Peace

Horses read the pure energy inside themselves and other beings to make good decisions.


They live fully in the present moment, not distracted by negative voices, inner or outer.  


Imagine if we lived like this?

Often we are in 'doing' mode, moving from one thing to the next, and don't spend much time just being.  We expect ourselves to be able to handle whatever life throws at us – and we learn to try to control things to relieve our fear or frustration, without ever really calming down.  


Horses are experts at 'being' in the present moment and tapping into a natural state of calm and peace on a regular basis, enabling them to digest their food, shake off their stress and go back to grazing – which is essential for health and survival, as well as taking effective action.  


We will explore mindfulness and self-regulation and practice consciously soothing and creating peace and positive presence for ourselves.  Learn tools to balance and regulate your nervous system and to show up to situations differently – choosing your presence and how to respond in a positive way rather than unconsciously reacting (or over-reacting) and needing to withdraw, control or fight back.


  • Practice mindfulness tools and change your relationship with stress

  • Learn what makes you feel out of balance and what horses (with incredibly sophisticated nervous systems) can teach us about our presence

  • Understand the influence your presence and internal state has on others

  • Experience and practice connection, using nonverbal energetic language

  • Find your own version of powerful peace

“Come from a space of peace and you’ll find that you can deal with anything.” Michael Singer

Theme 3: Relationship & Connection

Horses have spent 56 million years on earth living in balance and co-operation. 


They have learned to adapt to changing world conditions and to connect in harmony as a herd.


What can we learn from this for our own relationships?

Social intelligence is the capacity to know yourself and also to read, know and effectively interact and build relationships with others – horses are lifelong masters at this.  They have individual personalities as well as complex social group/herd dynamics and they communicate non-verbally (so language and mind-chatter don’t get in the way).  


Let the horses show you how they “read” you and how you can adjust your presence and energy to build trust and create connection – the bedrock of effective relationships and social influence.


We will explore horse herd dynamics through a model developed by renowned author, Linda Kohanov, in a way that is directly relatable to human social groups.  This theme is popular for family sessions and corporate teams, and is really beneficial for any types of relationship and group.

  • Observe and experience herd dynamics and apply these to human groups

  • Explore non-verbal communication as a way of connection - using body language and energy/presence (90% of our communication is non-verbal)

  • Increase your awareness of your impact/influence on others and gain practical experience of how to consciously shift this

  • Learn how to build mutual trust and set clear limits to create authentic relationships

  • Refine your problem-solving and creativity skills as you practice Socially Intelligent Leadership, learning from herd/social dynamics

“Your presence, energy and intention communicate more than anything you could ever say.” Sally Nilsson 

Theme 4: The Real You - Authentic Self

Horses read our energy and internal state (they don't use words).

Who am I on the inside without my social conditioning and self-judgement?

Discover a deeper connection with yourself through horses, nature, and experience.  

Horses actively seek connection with us (as herd animals, connection means safety).  Their reaction to us shifts as we open up, allowing ourselves to feel our real feelings and follow the guidance of our own hearts and intuition. This is where true connection happens and where horses live most of the time.  The horse herd is a place to discover where ‘being me’ is enough.  


Pause to listen, to hear what your gut-feeling or inner wisdom already knows, and trust it as coming from your true self.  Combining this intuitive information with what our logical brain tells us greatly increases our capacity to feel fulfilled and free, to connect with others, to make balanced decisions and to take action that is aligned with what our whole self wants (not just what we think we ‘should’ do).


Once we start listening, we can start building the self-trust muscle and using the measures of success that mean something to us, to create a life that gives us more of what want to feel. 

  • Explore the idea of our body senses having their own wisdom

  • Learn how to open up to intuition (we all have this extra sense) as a guide

  • Understand more about your true, inner self by seeing yourself through the eyes of the horses (they react to your presence, not your education, look or even words)

  • See what happens when you quieten the mind and your inner critic to give your authentic self a voice

  • Feel part of the herd, fully connected as your true self, and discover what is possible from this place 

“The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” Caroline Muss

Theme 5: Connection-Based Horsemanship

Explore your relationship with horses through exploring your relationship with Self.  


Practice energy-based interaction where the horse truly has a voice and the goal is equal partnership, moving as one.  


What is possible from this level of connection?

Horses are communicating all the time and we humans, unless we tune-in, can miss a lot of the questions they ask or the feedback they give us.  They read our internal state and intention, as well as our physical movements, and it is confusing when these don’t match up.  Horses want us, and all the other herd members, to be in our best place, present and congruent, as that is best for survival of everyone.


Become aware of what you are unconsciously communicating to your horse with your energy and learn how to shift this into more intentional, conscious and mindful interaction.  Discover how small adjustments and slowing down can have a big impact for you both.


The priority is the relationship - this is where the work needs to happen and it starts with self-mastery.  For example, if I don’t know what is going on with me, how can I expect the horse to understand me?  With curiosity, we can learn to start tuning into ourselves and reading the horse’s  ‘misbehavior’ as communication, which is a helpful guide to where adjustments need to be made.


  • Explore what your body language and energy is communicating to the horses and learn to read their energetic cues and feedback

  • Practice listening and offering / receiving connection in different ways

  • Experience how horses are masters at reading intention, and what clarity of intention creates

  • Learn how to ask for things in an effective and mutually respectful way using an energy dial

  • Discover how your own mindset, emotions and inner voice are impacting your relationship with your horse

  • Join our horses as part of the herd, feeling more horse-like and seeing things from their perspective

“Horsemanship is the art of mastering our own movements, thoughts, emotions and behavior. Not the horse’s.” Mark Rashid

design your own experience now

Themes for Experiences

What They Say

"I had no idea I wanted to ever be around horses the way I do now! I got to experience a real connection with Gitana and the lessons began. I just want to get back there and keep learning from the wisdom of this herd and the humans that facilitate all the magic.  Also, Eric took us paddle boarding at the base of the volcano. I have never paddle boarded before and he made it so easy!"


What will I be doing?

We facilitate activities on the ground (sometimes on the horse) where we explore connecting with horses in their language, mainly breathing, energy and body posture.  Your horse, through his/her reaction or movement, will give you feedback on your presence and actions as you explore your relationship and non-verbal communication.

It’s a great way for us to learn to slow down, be present and connect with others in an authentic way.  It often inspires us to tap into our intuition or gut-feeling, as we become more mindful and tune-in to our natural senses.

The overall intention is to help you better connect with yourself, to fulfil whatever goals, purpose and potential you have, both

for your and your relationships.

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