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Group & Family  Experiences

Tula Vida offers individual, group and family experiences with the horses.  Experiential learning is a powerful and sustainable way to create positive self-growth.

Through a guided, mindful interaction or activity you are invited and supported to join your horse in their green, vibrant home and reconnect with your own natural state of being.

Bring your herd to meet our herd!

What is a Tula Vida group or family experience?

Come as a family or private group to experience a day surrounded by nature, unplugged from technology, and discover what we can learn from horses…


As sensitive herd animals, horses are wired to connect with other beings for the good of the whole group.  Let our insightful Tula Vida horses demonstrate the different roles of the herd and learn how to translate this into human groups and relationships.  Practice becoming aware of non-verbal dynamics and opportunities for effective and mutually beneficial influence.  Horses do not judge or over-think things, they simply respond to what they see and feel.  This offers us a unique perspective on how we come across plus the chance to practice refining how we show up. 

We create a custom group/family experience according to your interests and needs.

Come for a private horse experience with your group or family.

Some areas that we may explore include:


Relationship and connection

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Energy-based non-verbal communication

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Research based practical tools that support everyday life challenges

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Self-awareness and confidence

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Herd dynamics and what they can teach us about our own lives

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What They Say

“The set up, the build up, the great authentic food, the informative explanations, the connection with the horses (and ourselves) was transformative for both adults and children.  It was a great reminder to pause, connect, breath and tune in.  And it felt great.”  

Anon (family of 4)

“Be part of – rather than pursuing – connection.” Mark Rashid

What will I be doing?

We facilitate activities on the ground (sometimes on the horse) where we explore connecting with horses in their language, mainly breathing, energy and body posture.  Your horse, through his/her reaction or movement, will give you feedback on your presence and actions as you explore your relationship and non-verbal communication.

It’s a great way for us to learn to slow down, be present and connect with others in an authentic way.  It often inspires us to tap into our intuition or gut-feeling, as we become more mindful and tune-in to our natural senses.

The overall intention is to help you better connect with yourself, to fulfil whatever goals, purpose and potential you have, both

for your and your relationships.

Pricing of horse experiences


Feel and Be the Herd

Come for a self-discovery horse experience – interact and experience the horses’ energy, see the world from the heightened senses of a horse, tune into your own senses and have your feelings mirrored back to you by your horse.


Use this information and the horse as your guide to learn how to connect with yourself and modulate your energy to connect with your horse.

  • 2-3 people (2.5-3 hours): $150 per person

  • Groups (minimum 4 people - full day): $200 per person

  • Family half-day/day: $395 / $625

Please ask for pricing for local Community members.

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Meet the Herd

Come and meet the Tula Vida horse herd – high-level explanation and horse interaction.

  • Donation based, suggested $25 per person

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