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Why Horses?

Horses are sensitive, powerful prey animals who have spent their 56 million years on Earth fine-tuning their natural senses to survive and thrive as a group in ever-changing environments.

They embody the capacity to be truly present in each moment, to read their surroundings and other beings accurately, to act on then release worries as they arise, to find sustainable peace and balance in themselves and, as herd animals, to interact and connect with others for the well-being of the whole group.

Imagine if we spent more time like this?

Horses live most of the time in a state of relaxed alertness, which neuroscience research shows is the optimum state for our own health, performance and relationships.  Studies published by the Heartmath Institute demonstrate how horses actually influence and encourage this state in those around them – both human and horse.


Horses don’t need to “try” to be mindful or present, it is how they live.  They don’t worry about getting things right, they don’t over-analyze, they don’t get stuck in the past or the future, they don’t judge themselves or each other – instead they assess what is right in front of them, react according to what will keep them safe and connected, then go back to grazing.

They are comfortable to be themselves in an ever-changing world

What They Say

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Rachel Willis

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