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The greatest connection that we have, and the foundation for all our other relationships, is our connection with ourselves.


Often this is not something we focus on, it can feel uncomfortable or challenging to look within and really see what’s there, or else life gets in the way and we never pause and give ourselves the time or the chance to do it.

In this retreat, we will support you to breathe deeply and quiet the mind chatter, so your inner wisdom can speak to you and be heard.  In learning to connect with our horses – through breath, non-verbal communication, senses, subtle and natural movements – you will find that you reconnect with yourself.  This in turn may offer new perspectives on other life situations or relationships. 

Join us for this nurturing, supportive and insightful retreat where nature, horses and experience will open your eyes to new possibilities and self-discovery. 

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Find your sense of self and
reconnect with who you are…

“To form meaningful connections with others, we must first connect with ourselves.” Brene Brown

Tula Vida horses live in a state of relaxed alertness, fully connected to their herd, free to play, rest and be fully themselves.  Imagine if we lived like this.


In this reflective and insightful workshop, you will join our extraordinary horses in their home - the spacious and vibrant green fields, rivers and rainforest near the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica – and experience becoming part of the herd, fully connected to yourself, the horses and the natural world, releasing the toxic stress and allowing the body and mind to find their positive flow again.

  • Join us and become part of the herd, feeling safe and accepted, free to explore what you are feeling and to find your own place of connection and balance.

  • Explore creating relationship and connection with a sensitive being who is able to process and accept his emotions, release stress as it arises and live in a natural way – when we support ourselves to do so, we are able to do this too.

  • Let your inner child play and have a voice with our Equine Facilitated Sand Play experience.

  • Understand the difference between your heart’s voice and your “conditioning” (what society or others prescribe for you, or what you think you “should” do or be).

  • Learn tangible take-home tools to become present and connect with yourself – so you can re-create this feeling back in your own life.

  • Cherish and nourish your body with pure clean air, spring water, healthy food, gentle movement designed to get your body flowing, beautiful natural surroundings, restorative wood-fire sauna and healing massage. 

  • Feel your energy and sense of self expand as you strengthen your connection with yourself and let the horses and the natural world speak to you without words.

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Our mission is to provide a deeper connection with self, through horses, nature and experience.

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Date: Arrival 15 October, Departure 21 October 2022

(ask us if you would like to extend your stay or go to the beach afterwards)

2023 Next year Date: Arrival 2 SEPT, Departure 8 Sept 2023

  • Limited Participants to ensure a personal experience for each of you.


What’s included:


We want to look after you during your stay so you don’t have to worry about any of the details or extra costs – it’s all included and arranged for you, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy a multi-sensory experience, with the following highlights:

  • 6 nights in a charming local guesthouse

  • All meals – delicious homecooked, farm fresh meals or meals out in stunning lake view restaurants

  • All transport to and from activities

  • 60-minute relaxing massage

  • Daily mindful movement on the peaceful yoga deck overlooking the river (see below for details)

  • Daily Tula Vida horse experiences – includes all facilitation, materials & equipment - lots of fun involved

  • Offsite play adventure either paddleboarding on Lake Arenal or horseback riding to a private waterfall – visit a 500 year-old Ceiba Tree (the inspiration for the Avatar movie) on your way

  • Visit and soak in beautiful, natural local hot springs

  • Wood-fire sauna next to a jungle river – enjoy hot and cold therapy as you heat your body in the sauna then splash into the cool, refreshing water

ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE is $2,995 plus 13% service tax

If you would like to guarantee a single room, $500 supplement


Excluded: flights, airport transfer, tips, alcohol & soda

No prior horse experience required.

covid-19 doubts - flexibility 

As travel opens up (albeit slowly), we are happy to be offering our retreat schedule for 2022 and 2023. As the world continues to find its new normal, we need ways to find balance and restoration more than ever.  It is easy to escape from all the stresses of Covid and society in Costa Rica, where nature carries on blooming and the vibe remains peaceful and positive.   

We appreciate that travel will continue to involve an element of uncertainty in 2022 and we do our level best to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible for you, while staying flexible on changes.  

We invite you to sign up and give yourself something to look forward to, even if it is not 100% certain to go ahead.  Any deposit or booking you make with us that you cannot attend due to a Covid-related situation will be transferable to another group or private retreat or, if no other dates work, refundable minus a small booking fee.  


We are looking forward to welcoming you onto a retreat soon.